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Flag of Colombia General Information about Colombia

    Republica de Colombia
    Please notice the absence of Us:


  • LAND
    Area: 1,138,914 sq km (439,737 sq mi).
    Capital and largest city: Bogota (1985 est. pop., 3,982,941).
    Elevations: Highest--Cristobal Colon Peak, 5,775 m (18,947 ft); lowest--sea level, along the coast.
    Population (1992 est.): 34,296,941; density: 30.1 persons per sq km (78 per sq mi).
    Distribution (1989): 67% urban, 33% rural.
    Annual growth (1991): 1.9%.
    Official language: Spanish.
    Major religion: Roman Catholicism.
    Literacy (1990 est.): 87% of adult population.
    Universities (1987): 34.
    Hospital beds (1983): 6,651.
    Physicians (1984): 23,250.
    Life expectancy (1992): women--74; men--69.
    Infant mortality (1992): 31 per 1,000 live births.
    GDP (1990 est.): $45 billion; $1,300 per capita.
    Labor distribution (1981):
    Services--53%; agriculture--26%; industry--21%; Foreign trade (1991):
    Imports--$6.1 billion; exports--$7.5 billion;
    Principal trade partners--United States, European Community, Japan.
    Currency: 1 Colombian peso = 100 centavos.
    Type: republic.
    Government leader (1994): Ernesto Samper--president.
    Legislature: Congress.
    Political subdivisions: 32 departments, 1 special district.
    Railroads (1987): 3,236 km (2,011 mi) total.
    Roads (1986): 106,218 km (66,000 mi) total.
    Major ports: 7.
    Major airfields: 11.

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